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Hakkâri Province is a province in the southeast of Turkey. The administrative centre is the city of Hakkâri. The province covers an area of 7,121 km² and had a population of 286,470 in 2018. The province was created in 1936 out of Van Province and borders Şırnak Province to the west, Van Province to the north, Iran to the east, and Iraq to the south. The current Governor is İdris Akbıyık. The province is a stronghold for Kurdish nationalism and a hotspot in the Kurdish–Turkish conflict.


Hakkâri city  formerly known as Julamerk, is a city and the capital of the Hakkâri Province of Turkey. It is located a few kilometres away from the Iraq–Turkey border.


Ibn Khallikan wrote in the 13th century that the word Hakkari meant ‘belonging to Hakkar’, a Kurdish tribe.




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History of Hakkari

Hubushkia was an Iron Age kingdom located between the Urartian and Assyrian sphere of influence. The exact location of Hubushkia is unknown, but scholars suggests that the kingdom of Hubushkia was centred on the headwaters of the Great Zap River, in what is now Hakkâri Province in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey.


Although the region was nominally under Ottoman control since the 16th century, it was administered as Emirate of Hakkâri by its Kurdish inhabitants and their Assyrian vassals. Kurds also settled Armenian farmers in the region. The situation changed after the Badr Khan rule and the Tanzimat reforms as the Ottomans were now able to extend their full control unopposed. The region was part of Van Vilayet during the Ottoman era as Hakkari sanjak with Başkale serving as capital, except from 1880 to 1888 where it was elevated to vilayet status. As of 1920, Hakkari was producing lead. The lead, which came from a government owned mine, was used to make bullets.


Districts of Hakkari

  • Çukurca
  • Derecik
  • Hakkâri
  • Şemdinli
  • Yüksekova

Point of Interests in Hakkari

The common conclusion reached by people of science and literature trying to describe culture; It is the common name of all the material and spiritual, written and verbal, intangible and intangible, movable and immovable assets of a people. In other words, everything that a society has is called culture. Our Hakkari also has very different customs, traditions, lifestyles, etc., in common with the people around it, filtered from the depths of history, on the one hand. It has many cultural and folkloric features.


There are very few geographical regions in the world that resemble the mountainous and rocky structure of Hakkari. Located on the Zagros Mountains within the borders of Upper Mesopotamia, this enclave is  similar to the Himalayas of India, the Alps of Switzerland and the mountainous regions of Chile with its districts and villages.


From a historical point of view, the Hakkari region represents a larger area than the current administrative borders of Hakkari. Hakkari is an ancient city with the historical and cultural heritage of the Hakkari Principality, which ruled this region for 600 years. There are more than 10 castles and mansions in the historical Hakkari region. In addition to Hakkari Castle and Bay Castle in the city center, Begır Castle near Kaval village, Maversis Castle close to Marunis, Melese Castle now in Beytuşşebap, Kelereşe Castle, Tivore Castle, Dez Castle and Mansion in Kırıkdağ village, Pizane in Başkale With its castle, Bade Castle, Çele Castle in Çukurca, Bilecan Castle and small castles, mansions and palaces in Şemdinli, Hakkari is a center that smells of history.


Today’s Hakkari and Hakkari people are the heirs of the magnificent culture created by the gentlemen, commanders, scholars and court nobles living in all these castles, palaces and mansions, and the common culture created by the Kurdish, Assyrian and Turkmen tribes in hundreds of villages where the tribes settled around these castles.


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