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Erzincan Province is a province in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Erzincan is traversed by the northeasterly line of equal latitude and longitude. It lies on the Northern Anatolian Fault, why it is often the location for earthquakes like one in 27 December 1939 and the earthquake on the 13 March 1992.


Nearby cities include Erzurum, Sivas, Tunceli, Bingöl, Elâzığ, Malatya, Gümüşhane, Bayburt, and Giresun. The city is majority Sunni Turkish with a significant Alevi Kurdish minority.


Mulberry tree plantations were found in Erzincan in the early 20th century, which were used in sericulture.


Erzincan has a continental climate with cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers. Spring is the wettest season whilst summer is the driest. The lowest temperature recorded was −32.5 °C (−26.5 °F) in January 1950. The highest temperature recorded was 40.6 °C (105.1 °F) in July 2000. The highest snow thickness recorded was 74 cm (29.1 inches) in February 1950.





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History of Erzincan

In September 1935 the third Inspectorate General was created, into which the Erzincan province was included. Its creation was based on the Law 1164 from June 1927, which was passed in order to Turkefy the population. The Erzincan province was included in this area. The third UM span over the provinces of Erzurum, Artvin, Rize, Trabzon, Kars, Gümüşhane, Erzincan and Ağrı. It was governed by an Inspector General seated in the city of Erzurum. In January 1936, a Fourth Inspectorate-General was established, under which authority the province was transferred. The fourth UM included the provinces of Erzincan, Tunceli, Elazığ and the areas which would become the province of Bingöl. The Fourth UM was governed by a Governor Commander. Most of the employees in the municipalities were to be from the military and the Governor Commander had the authority to evacuate whole villages and resettle them in other areas. The Inspectorates General were dissolved in 1952 during the Government of the Democrat Party.

Districts of Erzincan

  • Çayırlı
  • İliç
  • Kemah
  • Kemaliye
  • Otlukbeli
  • Refahiye
  • Tercan
  • Üzümlü

Point of Interests in Erzincan

There is a deep-rooted history of coppersmithing in Erzincan. Although copperwork has decreased in Erzincan compared to the past, in line with the master-apprentice relations, as a traditional art branch that has symbolized Erzincan for years (such as various kitchen tools, vases, gift ornaments, samovar, tray or plate embroidery in which various figures are processed) made of copper. work has been achieved up to the present.


Although there is a decrease in its artistic value by going into mass production compared to the past, this value is preserved with some techniques. These techniques are embossing, forging and embroidery. It comes in copper sheets, takes its shape in the plastering machine and is polished in the polishing machine. In order to clean the oil originating from the polishing machine, it is thrown into high-temperature detergent water. It is dried with sawdust or sandblasting, and varnish or painting is performed. After the product is baked, it is kept for a while and emerges as a work of art from the hands of copper masters with the processing technique. In embroidery technique, masters usually embroider local motifs improvised.


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