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Elâzığ Province is a province of Turkey with its seat in the city of Elâzığ. The province had a population of 568,753 in 2014. The population of the province was 569,616 in 2000 and 498,225 in 1990. The total area of the province is 8,455 square kilometres (3,264 sq mi), 826 km2 (319 sq mi) of which is covered by reservoirs and natural lakes. The current governor of the province is Dr. Omer Toraman. The province is considered part of Turkish Kurdistan.

Elâzığ city is a city in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, and the administrative centre of Elâzığ Province. It is located in the uppermost Euphrates valley. The plain on which the city extends has an altitude of 1,067 metres (3,501 ft). Elâzığ resembles an inland peninsula surrounded by the natural Lake Hazar and reservoirs of Keban Dam, Karakaya Dam, Kıralkızı and Özlüce





9153.00 km 2










History of Elazığ

In 1927 the office of the Inspector General was created, which governed with martial law.The province was included in the first Inspectorate General (Umumi Müfettişlik, UM) over which the Inspector General ruled. The UM span over the provinces of Hakkâri, Siirt, Van, Mardin, Bitlis, Sanlıurfa, Elaziğ and Diyarbakır.In December 1935, the Tunceli Law was passed, which demanded a more powerful Government in the region. In January 1936 the Elaziğ province was transferred under the authority of the newly established Fourth Inspectorate General, which span over the provinces of Elaziğ, Erzincan, Bingöl and Tunceli and its seat was in the city of Elazığ. The fourth UM was governed by a Governor-Commander. Most of the employees in the municipalities had to be from the military and the Governor-Commander had the authority to evacuate whole villages and resettle them in another part of the province. In 1946 the Tunceli Law was abolished and the state of emergency removed but the authority of the fourth UM was transferred to the military.


The Inspectorates General were dissolved in 1952 during the Government of the Democrat Party.


The province has experienced many earthquakes, including a magnitude 6.1 earthquake on 8 March 2010 and a magnitude 6.7 earthquake on 24 January 2020.


Districts of Elazığ

  • Ağın
  • Alacakaya
  • Arıcak
  • Baskil
  • Karakoçan
  • Keban
  • Kovancılar
  • Maden
  • Palu
  • Sivrice

Point of Interests in Elazığ

  • Fırat University
  • Harput Castle
  • Elazığ Culture Park
  • Elazığ Botanical Park
  • Elazığ Gazi Caddesi
  • Buzluk Mağarası (Ice Cave)
  • Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography
  • Hazar Gölü (Lake Hazar)
  • Hazarbaba Ski Centre
  • Historic mosques (Cami in Turkish), churches and shrines (Türbe in Turkish). Do note they are in Harput, on a hill out of town, but near enough to pay them a visit.
    • Ulu Camii: Built by Artuqid Sultan Fahrettin Karaaslan in 1156. It is one of the oldest and important structures in Anatolia
    • Sarahatun Camii (also known as Sarayhatun Cami): Built by Sara Hatun, mother of Aq Qoyunlu (White Sheep Turkomans) Sultan Bahadır Han (also known as Uzun Hassan), in 1465 as a small mosque. It was renovated in 1585 and 1843.
    • Kurşunlu Camii: Built between 1738 and 1739 in Harput during the Ottoman era.
    • Alacalı Camii
    • Ağall Camii: built in 1559.
    • Arap Baba Mescidi ve Türbesi: Built during the reign of Seljuk Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev III (son of Kılıçarslan IV) in 1279. The shrine contains a mummified body which is known as Arap Baba among commons.
    • Fetih Ahmet Baba Türbesi (Shrine of Fetih Ahmed)
    • Mansur Baba Türbesi
    • Mary Church
    • Sefik Gul Community Centre of Culture

Let's see the cuisine of Elazığ

  • Kofik dolma – stuffed dried peppers or aubergines
  • Kelecoş – fried meat and onion served over a bed of flatbread pieces softened in yogurt
  • İşkene – a breakfast soup containing broth and vegetables
  • Harput köfte – meatballs made with a mixture of minced meat, cracked wheat, herbs and spices boiled in tomato sauce
  • Taş Ekmeği – unleavened flatbread baked over hot stone or hotplate served with butter and jam
  • Işkın yemeği – a wild rhubarb dish
  • Sırın – pan-broiled handmade filo pastry roundels with a layer of yogurt and tomato sauce on top
  • Kömme – baked handmade filo pastry roundels built with a layer of meat filling and a layer of walnut paste
  • Gaygana – a mixture of eggs, yogurt, bicarbonate, and flour drops fried in oil
  • Orcik – walnut halves sewn in a thread, dipped into deep grape syrup
  • Orcik şekeri – caramelised sugar coated walnut pieces

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For more information, you may visit the official government website of Elazig


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