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Batman Province is a province in the Southeast Anatolia Region of Turkey. It was created in May 1990 with the Law No. 3647 taking some parts from the eastern Province of Siirt and some from the southern Province of Mardin. The province’s population exceeded 500,000 in 2010. The city of Batman with 460,955 inhabitants, is the provincial capital.


This province has Kurdish majority. Its current Governor is Hulusi Şahin.


The province lies in the mountainous area with the average elevation of 550 meters which contains several thousands of caves. The tallest mountains are Sason Dağları (2500 m), Meleto (2967 m), Kuşaklı Dağı (1947 m), Avcı Dağı (2121 m), Meydanok Tepesi (2042 m), Kortepe (2082 m) and Raman Dağı (1288 m). Several rivers (Turkish: Çayı) flow through the province, including Tigris, Batman, Sason and Garzan. The 115 km (71 mi) long Batman River flowing approximately from north to south forms a natural border between the Batman Province and Diyarbakır Province lying to the west.


Search for oil in the Batman Province was started in 1935. On 20 April 1940, oil was found at a depth of 1048 meters at the Raman oil field, south-east of Batman, nearby the city. The first experimental well started producing 10 tonnes (about 62 barrels) per day from 6 June 1940.




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History of Batman

The Batman Province contains the strategic Tigris River with fertile lands by its sides, as well as rocky hills with numerous caves providing a natural shelter. Therefore, it was inhabited from prehistoric times, likely from the Neolithic (Paleolithic) period, according to archeological evidence. First documented evidence of settlements in the province dates to 7th century BC. An artificial “island” was created in this marshy area. It was named Elekhan and had an independent status for 194 years from 546 BC till the invasion of Alexander the Great in 334 BC. The Batman Province was a religious center in the 4th–6th centuries AD and a part of the Byzantine Empire. In the 11th–12th centuries it was ruled by the Great Seljuq Empire and Artuqids, a part of which was based in the province, in the city of Hasankeyf. The city is a cultural center of the Batman Province and as such was declared as a natural conservation area in 1981.

Around 4th–6th centuries AD the province became an outpost of the Silk Road. It was populated by Assyrian (Non-Syriac) Christians and Armenians, also had a significant presence of Pontic Greeks, Baghdadi Jews. Significant changes in the language and management of the province were brought in 1515 by Mahmoud Pasha Elekhani. It is believed that a variant of his name, Elah, was transformed into Iluh and gave the old name to Batman city


From July 1987 to October 1997 Batman Province was included in the OHAL state of emergency region

Development of oil fields resulted in relocation of Turkish people into a mostly Kurd-populated Batman Province. This brought ethnic conflicts which escalated in 1990s. More than 180 civilians were killed in the Batman city area by unidentified gunmen between 1992 and 1993

The province became a stronghold of the Turkish Hezbollah and it was reported that Batman hosted a camp where the militants received military and political training

Districts of Batman

  • Beşiri
  • Gercüş
  • Hasankeyf
  • Kozluk
  • Sason

Point of Interests in Batman

he Batman dam construction was started in 1986 and completed in 1999. It has a height of 85 meters and annual power generation capacity of 483 GWh (peak power 198 MW). The associated reservoir has a surface area of 49 km2 and a volume of 1.175 km3. The dam supplies water for the area of 37,744 hectares (93,270 acres)


Let's see the cuisine of Batman

  • Batman Türlü (Tirşik)
  • Batman Ayran Çorbasi (Mehir)
  • Batman Kuru Dolma
  • Batman İşkembe Dolmasi
  • Kaburga Dolmasi

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For more information, you may visit the official government website of BATMAN


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