Summary Information About Adıyaman

Adıyaman Province  is a province in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. The capital is Adıyaman. The province is considered part of Turkish Kurdistan and has a Kurdish majority




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History of Adıyaman

In 1841, when it was the district center of Adıyaman city, it started to be administered by an officer, namely the District Governor, who served on behalf of the Governor. In 1849, it was turned into a sanjak and connected to Diyarbakir. From this date on, the districts of Besni, Kahta and Siverek were also attached to the Adıyaman sanjak, and when Malatya became a sanjak in 1859, Adıyaman was turned into a district again.
Adıyaman officially became a province on 01.12.1954 with the Law No. 6414 dated 22.06.1954. From this date on, İ.Tevfik KUTLAR started his duty as the first governor of Adıyaman on 30.11.1954. From this date until today, 25 governors have served in Adıyaman.

Districts of Adıyaman

  • Besni
  • Çelikhan
  • Gerger
  • Golbasi
  • Kahta
  • Samsat
  • Sincik
  • Tut

Point of Interests in Adıyaman

There is some passing tourist trade, the main tourist attraction being Mount Nemrut.

  • The caves of Pirin (ancient city of Perre) are 5 km (3 mi). from Adiyaman. These have been used as a burial ground for thousands of years. The sights include the ruins of the city and burial caves carved into the rock.
  • The only active church in Adiyaman Province is located here, where it is the center of the Syriac Orthodox patriarchal vicarate of Adiyaman. It was renovated and reopened in 2012.

Let's see the cuisine of Adıyaman

  • Besni Pan
  • Basala
  • Raw meatballs
  • Semsek
  • Dried apple jeans

For more information about Adıyaman




For more information, you may visit the official government website of Adiyaman  http://www.adiyaman.gov.tr/

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