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Housing Development Administration of the Republic of Turkey (TOKİ), aims fundamentally producing solutions to the problems with regard to housing and urbanization in Turkey at national scale, and continues its activities to realize an adequate number of quality housing in healthy urban environment of the country.

Story of TOKİ

In line with the Turkish Government Programs and legal assignments, since the year 2002, TOKİ has been assigned to focus on developing mass housing projects for the low and middle-income target groups, due to the existing demand for qualified and affordable houses in several regions.

TOKİ, with its rapid housing production practices, aims to meet 5% -10% of the housing need of Turkey.

Disadvantaged groups are TOKİ’s priority in the social housing programs. The social housing program targets mainly the low and middle-income people who cannot own a housing unit under the existing market conditions. Social housing programs consist the projects targeting poor groups, low-income families, middle-income families and urban transformation projects, and additionally the housing projects under the title of disaster management and restructuring.

The other activities are mainly the agricultural village projects, migrant dwellings, restoration of buildings of historical-cultural importance, cooperative credits and housing credits for victims of war.

Within the scope of the “Planned Urbanization and Housing Development Mobilization” of the Governments of the Republic of Turkey, since 2002;  1.062.676  housing units’ productions in 81 provinces have been given the start at 4.834  construction sites. (by January 2022)

911.965 of the houses produced (86,92%) are social type housing units.

The number of sold houses is 900.939 and the number of delivered houses is 841.839.

7.093 tenders amounting to 180 Billion TL.(including VAT) has been finalized at the construction and project stages.

TOKİ also holds a regulatory position providing sampling in the housing market of Turkey without competing with the private sector, facilitating and pioneering housing production by private enterprises prioritizing qualified and contemporary production, producing models and trying to balance the market.

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Recent Projects


Within the scope of our Zekeriyaköy project, there are 215 flats and 70 villas in total, 285 of which are independent, Although there are 110 blocks in the project, the apartment blocks are B + Z + 1 floor. Flat types are 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 duplex. Flat floor height is 3.20 m, clean floor (from floor to ceiling) height is 2.81m.

The total number of parking lots in the project is 369 and there is 48,935 m2 landscaping area. While there is a garage space in the villa in blocks A and C, in blocks B and D, a parking lot for 2 cars per villa is allocated. 1 + 1, 2 + 1 apartments have 1 vehicle, and 3 + 1 duplexes have 2 vehicle places. Each villa has its allotted garden area. There are 3 secure entrance-exit areas on the site.


A brand new project is coming to life in Kartal. Low-rise horizontal architectural concept, Next to the lake and the National Garden, across the Islands A brand new living center is being established with Emlak Konut assurance and Yıldızlar İnşaat line. With its low-rise horizontal architecture, the Batıyakası Project, which is realized in the city, offers you many opportunities for life. House options with large balconies and terraces, an open-air shopping street, and working at home sections.

You will find many social opportunities together with social equipment areas, playgrounds where you can spend time with all the members of your family. Batıyakasi Project offers a life suitable for every expectation with different apartment types from 1+1 to 4+1.


In the presence of nature, a natural and green life begins in Çekmeköy that will fascinate you with its energy and peace. Designed with a horizontal architectural approach, it comes to life for you to have a more peaceful and secure life.

With the project prepared in the concept of natural life with a green area of ​​138 thousand square meters, you will take a breath of fresh air and get away from the chaos of the city completely.

With important social facilities such as education areas, social facility area, private health facility area, kindergarten, prayer area next to the project, many opportunities for living will be right next to you. You will find many social opportunities together with children’s playgrounds, swimming pool, sports and green areas. 

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