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Sinpaş GYO was established in 2007 for the purpose of realising the principles of corporate governance of Sinpaş, which has been rising on the foundations of expertise, trust, quality, originality, nature and human love in the construction sector since 1974, and extending its capital to the base.

Story of Sinpaş GYO

During the course of the establishment of Sinpaş GYO, some ongoing projects of Sinpaş were continued under the name of Sinpaş Yapı and different projects were also realised.

In all projects implemented by both companies until this day, it is the first priority to offer natural habitats that are environment friendly and intertwined with blue and green in order to leave a good future to children. Every project is respectively interpreted with its concept, architecture, landscape and social reinforcements and adds value to the area it is located since it is in harmony with its environment.

Being the owner of the idea of housing marketing, Sinpaş is the first in Turkey to pay attention to landscape besides the house, and it has discovered that a lifestyle and socializing is also possible outside the house. Likewise, waters, lakes and ponds have also been introduced in the projects of Sinpaş for the first time in Turkey, and they have been the charm of the estates. The first long-term housing sale with no advance payment also started with Sinpaş. As well as many firsts, many new applications such as providing the diaspora living abroad and expats with the opportunity of buying houses using the housing financing of the countries they live in have come into life with Sinpaş.

The unique projects developed helped the brand identity and financial identity of Sinpaş grow with the numerous awards won and projects adding value to Turkey have been produced. Sinpaş has approached each one of its projects as a respective artwork and opened the doors of a new life to more than 80 thousand people.

Sinpaş Holding decided Sinpaş Yapı to also proceed its way under the umbrella of Sinpaş GYO since 2018, for the purpose of gathering the common values that render two separate company structures similar and its power that comes from experiences accumulated in different fields and for becoming a more dynamic, more efficient, bigger actor in the sector.

After this decision, with fulfilment of the legal proceedings, the size of assets of Sinpaş GYO, which has been traded in İstanbul Stock Exchange since 2007, has exceeded 5 Billion TL as of 31.03.2018. Many projects completed by Sinpaş GYO in the country have been exemplary to the sector and also have won awards abroad. Some of the completed and ongoing pilot projects of Sinpaş GYO are Aqua City, Bosphorus City, Sancaktepe Lagün, Ege Boyu, Aydos Country, Metro City, Queen Bomonti, Gökorman in İstanbul; İncek Life, İncek Blue and Green and Ege Vadisi in Ankara; and Aqua City in Bursa. Each one of them have added value to their environment as well as their investors and have dynamised and keep dynamising the regions. It is famous with its projects each one more unique than the other, namely as İstanbul Palaces in Küçükçekmece; Liva, Kelebekia and Köyceğiz in Sancaktepe; Altınoran, the biggest themed project of Turkey, and Marina Ankara in Ankara; and Aqua City in Denizli. Sinpaş Yapı is currently about to finalise the project of Finance City, which is the heart of İstanbul International Financial Centre. In addition, the project of Sinpaş Time, which will rise in the same region, has been the first project, the launching of which has realised after the merger.

Our Company will continue taking place among the top companies being traded in İstanbul Stock Exchange with the strength given by the experience of almost half a century in construction sector, the emotional bond established with its partners and customers, the selectivity in the location and architecture of the projects and the unique corporate culture.

Our objective is to preserve our incorporation principles and values and to carry the power of our two companies that we have merged under the same umbrella.

Details for Sinpaş GYO


Commercial & Residential


Recent Projects


Within the scope of our Zekeriyaköy project, there are 215 flats and 70 villas in total, 285 of which are independent, Although there are 110 blocks in the project, the apartment blocks are B + Z + 1 floor. Flat types are 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 duplex. Flat floor height is 3.20 m, clean floor (from floor to ceiling) height is 2.81m.

The total number of parking lots in the project is 369 and there is 48,935 m2 landscaping area. While there is a garage space in the villa in blocks A and C, in blocks B and D, a parking lot for 2 cars per villa is allocated. 1 + 1, 2 + 1 apartments have 1 vehicle, and 3 + 1 duplexes have 2 vehicle places. Each villa has its allotted garden area. There are 3 secure entrance-exit areas on the site.


A brand new project is coming to life in Kartal. Low-rise horizontal architectural concept, Next to the lake and the National Garden, across the Islands A brand new living center is being established with Emlak Konut assurance and Yıldızlar İnşaat line. With its low-rise horizontal architecture, the Batıyakası Project, which is realized in the city, offers you many opportunities for life. House options with large balconies and terraces, an open-air shopping street, and working at home sections.

You will find many social opportunities together with social equipment areas, playgrounds where you can spend time with all the members of your family. Batıyakasi Project offers a life suitable for every expectation with different apartment types from 1+1 to 4+1.


In the presence of nature, a natural and green life begins in Çekmeköy that will fascinate you with its energy and peace. Designed with a horizontal architectural approach, it comes to life for you to have a more peaceful and secure life.

With the project prepared in the concept of natural life with a green area of ​​138 thousand square meters, you will take a breath of fresh air and get away from the chaos of the city completely.

With important social facilities such as education areas, social facility area, private health facility area, kindergarten, prayer area next to the project, many opportunities for living will be right next to you. You will find many social opportunities together with children’s playgrounds, swimming pool, sports and green areas. 

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